An RSS feed for nearly everything

Stack2RSS provides RSS feeds for answers, questions, comments, suggested edits, badges, reputation changes, question timeline events, and more! Stay on top of what's happening like never before.

Follow Questions

Interested in a certain tag or a certain topic? Then create an RSS feed for it and find out when new questions are asked!

Follow Users

Know a really smart user on one of the Stack Exchange sites? Create a feed to follow their activities and find out when they post new content.


Using Stack2RSS requires a very basic introduction to the Stack Exchange API. Stack Exchange provides access to site items through API methods. For example, to retrieve all recent questions, one would use the URL:

This returns a (nearly) unreadable dump of text in JSON format. Stack2RSS takes this information and creates a nicely formatted RSS feed. This feed can then be added to your favorite RSS reader.

How do you create a feed? It's easy: take the relative path of an API method (including query string parameters and API version) and append it to the Stack2RSS URL like so:{method}?{parameters}
Note: it is not necessary to specify an API key. One will be added to the request automatically. Methods that require authentication are not supported by Stack2RSS.

If all of this technical jargon is confusing to you, keep reading.


The first example is relatively simple - it fetches all new questions asked on Super User:

The next example fetches all answers by user Jon Skeet on Stack Overflow:

The final example fetches all questions on Server Fault with the tag "apache":


Stack2RSS is a small Python application built with Flask. Requests to the Stack Exchange API are made using the Requests library. This webpage was built with Bootstrap and uses the Cosmo theme.

You can find the source code for the entire project here on GitHub. The code is released under the MIT license.